High Blood Pressure

Treatment for High Blood Pressure in Orlando, FL

High blood pressure is often a silent killer because when symptoms begin to appear, it may often be late in development when it’s more difficult to treat. Without treatment, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk for other heart diseases and severe health problems. High blood pressure can happen to anyone, but there are certain risk factors that may increase your chance of high blood pressure and it’s important to be able to identify these risk factors in your life. High blood pressure can easily be managed, but it’s important to regularly check your blood pressure so that you can start treatment and lifestyle changes as soon as possible.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is usually not accompanied by any symptoms until it’s progressed to a late stage. It’s important that you’re regularly getting your blood pressure checked, especially if you’re at risk for high blood pressure or hypertension.

Risk factors to be aware of include:

  • Age- Typically, the risk of high blood pressure increases with age. Women are at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure after the age of 65.
  • Race- People of African heritage can often develop high blood pressure and it can happen at a younger age than expected. There are other serious complications that can also occur with race.
  • Family history- If someone in your family has a history of high blood pressure, it’s likely that you may also develop high blood pressure.
  • Weight- Being overweight can make it more difficult for your body to properly supply oxygen throughout your body and it adds pressure to the walls of your arteries.
  • High sodium diet- Too much sodium can make your body retain fluid, which increases your blood pressure.

If you are dealing with high blood pressure, it’s important to make some changes to avoid other risks like cardiovascular disease. Your doctor might recommend changing your diet, exercising more, and limiting your alcohol intake. You may also need to start medication to help lower your blood pressure and keep it at a manageable level.

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