Treatment for COPD in Orlando FL

Certain illnesses can make it difficult to breathe and function each day. One type of common respiratory illness is known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. COPD is a group of diseases that can cause blockages in airflow and other breathing-related problems. This can often include issues like emphysema and chronic bronchitis. COPD makes simple tasks like breathing difficult task for people all over the country.

Understanding COPD

COPD is characterized by persistent respiratory symptoms and airflow limitation due to airway abnormalities, usually caused by significant exposure to noxious particles or gases. Cigarette smoking continues to remain the primary risk factor, accounting for a substantial portion of COPD cases. However, occupational exposure to dust, chemicals, and genetic predispositions also play crucial roles in its development. COPD can also impact people who have a history of asthma.

COPD is often accompanied by a range of symptoms that can make it difficult to breathe properly. Often, symptoms will worsen over time and can greatly impede daily activities. Symptoms include:

  • Persistent cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Issues taking deep breaths

While COPD is incurable, its progression can be slowed, and symptoms managed effectively through various interventions. The most important step to take is quitting smoking. This helps prevent any further lung damage. Your doctor may also offer corticosteroids to help alleviate your symptoms and reduce any exacerbations. Pulmonary rehabilitation programs often offer structured exercise, education, and support, which can help empower individuals to better manage their condition.

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